1920s Society

Expectations of Teachers and Parents

LET’S GET TOGETHER LAST June a great many children and parents and teachers faced disappointment and discouragement, and wondered why. The children for the most part agreed that their teachers expected too much of them and “never explained anything;” also that their parents “didn’t understand.” The parents with e... continued

Allenby in Palestine

ALLENBY TO THE RESCUE! HOBBY-HORSES in the Jordan Valley, hobbled in the Plain of Jericho! Make-believe horses, put together of sticks and canvas, hitched in long rows on either side of drinking-troughs to deceive the Turks and their instructors, the Germans! Dummy camps and dummy tents; mules drawing heavy drags around at random to make a big dust... continued

The U.S. Navy in Peace

ALWAYS ON GUARD – BY CAPTAIN L. M. OVERSTREET, U. S. N. THE Navy is a constructive and a humanitarian as well as a fighting organization. The general impression that the men of the Navy are idle in time of peace, save for necessary war drills, and that money appropriated for the Navy is expended entirely in preparing for future battles... continued

The American Navy and the Turks

THE AMERICAN NAVY AND THE TURKS BY COMMANDER ROBERT A. BACHMAN (M.C.), U. S. N. WITH events in the Near East bursting suddenly from an apparently peaceful condition into a state of war, the United States Navy found itself once more so placed as to make it the center of the entire Nation’s eager interest. In order to clear up the offici... continued

Iowa on the Rampage

Unrest in Iowa WE think of Iowa as one of the conservative States of the Union, much more so than Nebraska or Kansas, for example. Just now there is probably more reasonable as well as unreasonable unrest in Iowa than anywhere else in the central part of the country. Iowa farmers complain, of course, at the great deflation of agricultural prices fo... continued

1920s Sports

Baseball Series Worlds Championship Result

THE ETERNAL MUCKER The baseball series for the world’s championship between the winners in the National and American Leagues has ended in a fashion unexpected by dopesters, both professional and amateur. Most of the wise gentlemen who edit the sporting columns of newspapers had predicted a victory for the New York Yankees. The triumph, howe... continued

Women’s Golf Championship

YOUTH has been served in the women’s amateur National golf championship as well as in the men’s, for the victory in this year’s tournament has gone to Miss Glenna Collett, of Providence, Rhode Island. In the finals she defeated Mrs. William Gavin, of England, by five up and four to play. Four former American title-holders fell by ... continued

New University Athletic Code

YALE, Princeton, and Harvard have formulated an athletic agreement which is admirable. Of course this agreement does not indicate any radical departure from present practices, as some commentators would have it, but is very largely merely a codification of the public opinion of these three universities. It puts in explicit terms ideals which have... continued

Brothers in Football

The data here come only from the memories of a few men. If the records of brothers playing football were complete there would still be only a small percentage of the number of boys playing football who have brothers not playing at all.

Learning to Ski the Scandinavian Way – Part 2

In skiing, as in most other sports, the right way is the easy and simple way. In the game of golf the unconscious, easy natural swing of the caddy boy is the despair of more than one perspiring, hardworking golfer. So, in skiing, the tendency of most beginners is toward work -instead of ease.

1920’s Arts

1920’s Flapper Party

This album presents the original sounds of the Roaring Twenties, as played by the famous California Ramblers (along with several different vocalists) during 1925 to 1928. They were one of the consistently reliable dance bands of the ’20s, playing ‘hot’ music of a very high order, and what is more, playing it in strict tempo a good... continued

A Piano Christmas In The 1920s

Lyrichord takes you back to a time when popular Christmas music of the 1920s came on paper rolls, loaded into the family’s Ampico reproducing piano, brought forth exact performances of the era’s most popular pianists. Stylish and lush medleys of Christmas carols and nostalgic holiday tunes were captured on Ampico rolls performed by the ... continued

Hawaiian String Virtuoso: Steel Guitar Rec 1920’s

Along with Sol Hoopii, King Bennie Nawahi was the undisputed master of Hawaiian steel guitar music in the 1920s and ’30s. His lyrical playing and virtuosic solos were as jazzy as the guitar playing of Django Reinhardt and his repertoire ranged from island tunes to Tin Pan Alley to the blues. It’s hard to imagine that the same guy perfor... continued